Here at Young Gun Northwest we offer a wide array of indoor and outdoor advertising wraps, signs, banners, graphics, digital imaging and printing services under one roof. Along with utilizing the latest in wrap and print technology, our professional designers, staff, and wrap installers, can handle everything from design to installation, removal or maintenance of your outdoor media advertising, interior or exterior design wrap campaigns and take on any scale. Trust us to complete your project on time and on budget.

Large Format Printing

Young Gun Northwest offers professional large format printing on a variety of substrates. Utilizing sharp quality high resolution photo realistic print technology we can print on a variety of roll stock options like: banner material, canvas, fabric, mesh, static cling, backlit, duratrans, magnetics, perforated window film, clear vinyl, wrap vinyl and printable chrome. With the advances in pressure sensitive vinyls, polymeric films and adhesives we can apply these images virtually up to any size and install the graphics on almost all types of surfaces from vehicles, buildings, walls, windows and floors.

Prints can be mounting to all types of substrates like PVC, Coraplast, acrylic, plexi-glass, lexan, composite aluminum, sheet metal, wood, glass or any other types of flat board stock.

Whether printing flags, signs, decals, banners, trade show graphics, event signage or wraps. Young Gun’s Large Format Printing has you covered.
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Screen Printing/Custom Apparel

At Young Gun Northwest we take screen printing past the commercial aspect, working with our clients to offer a quality experience, dedicated service and reliable results. By combining our artistic roots, industrial knowledge, and hand-printed quality, we offer garment and printing options specific to our client’s needs. We take pride in our work and though we’re just a small business in a big corporate world, we know our competition and we know we offer some great options.
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Commercial signage

Signs are everywhere! Make sure yours stands out from the crowd and gets the attention your business deserves.  We will take your logo or identity to the next level by producing outdoor, fully lit and dimensional signage to filling your windows with the boldest, attention grabbing graphics that are sure to draw a crowd!

We can reproduce an existing identity, matching your colors and previous work or create a new one with eye catching logos and graphic design for your store fronts, walls, windows, banners, lobbies, counters, trade show booths and more!
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Wall Wraps & Murals

Transform your wall into endless potential. Young Gun Northwest offers a wide selection for your wall wraps, from Vinyl to self-adhesive fabric wall wraps to give your wall the best look with quality brand name products you can trust. With custom digitally printed designs we can help give your business or home a fresh new look.
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Graphic Installation

Not only can Young Gun Northwest handle all your printing needs, but once those banners are done, building wrap is printed or fleet of vehicles are designed we can help you with the installation as well. Our installation team can handle it. No task to big or small. We can hang off a building, or wrap and entire fleet of vehicles.
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Fleet/Commercial Wraps

You know who you are, but does anyone else?  Let Young Gun Northwest spread the message by wrapping your work vehicle or service fleet in a bold, attention getting design that drives your business to their door!

Your custom wrap will clearly define the business and services you have to offer, how you can be contacted and where customers can get more information easily and clearly.  It’s better than any billboard because it travels with you, ensuring the maximum number of people see your message every single day!
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Commercial Box Truck & Trailer Wraps

Trailers and box trucks make a particularly great place for commercial and motorsport graphics!  With their large flat surfaces you get the most efficient use of design space to get your message across.  Trailers can double as signage at your place of business and traveling billboards on the road, making sure your company is exposed to as many people as possible.

But don’t forget about the fun…your trailer can be added as part of an overall design that includes your UTV’s and towing vehicle…make a statement when you pull in with matching graphics across the board!
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UTV & Motorsport Wraps

Custom wraps for todays hottest UTV’s, motorsport and recreational vehicles! From our custom UTV templates we can create a UTV Wrap Kit that is often mistaken for paint! We apply the same exacting standards across a wide range of motorsports vehicles. From stock cars to trailers, we generate a cohesive design that unifies your vehicles under one, highly recognizable brand that lets everyone know who you are!
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Vehicle Wraps & Restyling

Customize and protect your vehicle, whether it be a car, van, truck or boat we can wrap your entire vehicle with your brand or just because you want a dragon on your mini-van. We use premium graphic films from 3M, Avery Dennison and Oracal, with over 100 colors, styles, and finishes to choose from.
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Business Branding & Marketing

Importance of product branding means giving a unique or a different identification to a product from competitor product in the form of name, mark, or any number. Multi product Branding in marketing is highly essential for advertising and promotional of the product. Branding in marketing makes the product recognizable to customers. The chief motive of branding is to differentiate the product from the products of other competitors.
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Photography & Image Advertising

We offer professional photographic services for all occasions and purposes. Latest digital equipment, expensive cameras and talented photographers are ready to cover your personal event, or business media in attempt to create a favorable mental picture of a product or firm in mind of consumers. We snap artistic and creative images of your important occasion, may it be a wedding, a party or a trade show.
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Graphic Artwork Design

Already know what you want for your design and are looking for someone to make your ideas come to life? We have in-house designers that can help you achieve your vision and make it a reality. Here at Young Gun we can help by providing thoughtful and effective graphic design services for businesses of all sizes.
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Website Design and Developing

HTML driven web pages are  displayed all over the World Wide Web. Web design encompasses a number of important elements including color, layout, and overall graphical appearance. We consider the site’s audience, function, and traffic to specific sections when deciding designs.
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